Atmosfere – dalla Natura


La naturo-belecoj estas pli artaj ol la homa arto. Naturo instruas. Homo transprenas. Le bellezze della natura sono più artistiche dell’arte umana. La Natura insegna. L’uomo raccoglie.


Fence Walking by PhilKoch http://ift.tt/1ByvPRt

Black and White Night by jenswedin http://ift.tt/1BFVgRg

glowing winter dream by raphaelmessmer http://ift.tt/1vFiv9r

New Year’s Eve winter dream by gempeler http://ift.tt/1I31Xiq

Lavender by achiganito http://ift.tt/1s51U3L

Like a fairy tale by pierluigisaddi http://ift.tt/1zHDzA0

Summer memories… by alekseimalygin http://ift.tt/1sPRUvo

By Ian McAllister

Gray wolf pack by Joel Sartore

First Light by christianlim http://ift.tt/1xBSiQd

Winter moon by toreeideh http://ift.tt/14xtBI4

Up on Dyrholaey by VincenzoMazza http://ift.tt/1D6n70S

Snowfall on Lost Lagoon, Vancouver, Canada by Vanvesta http://ift.tt/1HMYrIO


The futur is foward by Andre_Villeneuve http://ift.tt/1xdmRK8

Wintry river by Ragnis http://ift.tt/1vxvJG5

Mystical Forest… by spencerlunn http://ift.tt/1vWcfLq

Dark Sunset by PhotonPhotography http://ift.tt/1xF6UOX

Young Okinawan Sea Turtle, Pete Leong


FINO / FINE   -   FINO / FINE   -   FINO / FINE   -   FINO / FINE   -


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