Ankoraŭ belegaj fotoj pri papilioj …  sed, ĉi-foje, nur unu fotisto: Jeffrey Foltice !

Ancora delle bellissime foto di farfalle … ma, questa volta, un solo fotografo: Jeffrey Foltice !

Photo Nature Blog

I’ve enjoyed photographing butterflies and moths over the years and thought I would share some of my more favorite finds with this post. I hope you enjoy the view 🙂


Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

butterfly1tigerswallowtail1skipperMonarchTakeoffwoodViceroybutterflybeauty  blue1checker Black Swallowtail Butterfly

ViceroyButterflyKarnerorangebutterflyCheckerspotleaf2puddlingElusiveBeautybuckeye1blue  butterf2bcolorfulmothsuphur11bgreenwhite1ButterflyBeautyButterfly_On_LeafMonarch1

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